Fresh Fruit Fudge

Cooking with Apricots

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound (in this case two pounds of Apricots).

After the success of using local strawberries to cook into our fudge we decided to try something a little more risky. After talking to Vicky the Manager at Bells Fruit Farm we knew that Apricots were coming to the end of season which meant that the fruit was at its very ripest, which would be a perfect time to use the fruit for fudge cooking….

The very helpful staff at Bells picked two kilos of their ripest fruits for us, which we then had to skin and stone (leaving around a kilo of fantastic ripe flesh). This was placed into our Fudge kettle for an hour of cooking before butter and our usual fudge ingredients were added. After a further hour of cooking and mixing the new Apricot fruit Fudge was poured in our setting trays. Two days later the new Fudge was cut and tasted for the first time, WOW, the blend of super ripe Apricots and wondrous fudge ingredients was perfect. Just the right combination of fruit taste with creamy butter sweet texture.

It’s now for Sale in Bells shop or on our site online if you would like to try for yourselves.


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