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Wychbold Fudge is a small, family business based in  the growing Worcestershire village of Wychbold, near the spa town of Droitwich. All of our fudge is made by hand in the kitchen of our family home. 


Our story began in 2014, when we, Justin & Helga, established Wychbold Fudge. In the beginning, we were selling high quality, hand-made fudge that we bought in from Aberdeenshire. However, we soon realised that what we really wanted to do was to make and sell our own homemade fudge – made right here in our family kitchen.

So that’s what we started doing. I made the fudge, Helga wrapped and packed it – and we soon built up a loyal customer base in the local area.

Then, in 2016, Helga was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were determined not to let that stop what we were building, so although we had to scale back on our commitments, we managed to keep Wychbold Fudge going and growing, until in February 2017, Helga was given the all clear.

In April 2017, we became involved in the project to bring Droitwich Salt back after an absence of almost 100 years. We were asked if we would be able to use this wonderful local ingredient to make fudge, and we were given a small amount of  Droitwich salt to experiment with. The result was the original DROITWICH SALT FUDGE (also known as Brine Salt Fudge), made from salt sourced from the pure brine springs that lie in the rocks underneath Droitwich. This unique and extraordinary fudge is not produced anywhere else or by anyone else and is a true local delicacy! The official tasting took place at a Droitwich Town Council Meeting on 15th May and the excitement this created led to the story appearing in a range of media outlets, including on BBC Television. The official launch, when Droitwich Salt Fudge would go on general sale, was scheduled to take place on Saturday 17th June at the Droitwich Food Festival.

However, on Monday 22nd May, Helga was diagnosed with inoperable secondary cancer on her brain and in her abdomen, and she was admitted to hospital.  A treatment plan was drawn up and she returned home a week later. In the days that followed, we had to let retail outlets and our customers know that we would be unlikely to continue making & selling our fudge for the foreseeable future. With two young children to care for, and Helga so poorly, we’d had to accept that this time, keeping Wychbold Fudge going was likely to prove too much.

But then something wonderful began to happen. Friends, family and complete strangers started to come forward offering to help in anyway they could – including with Wychbold Fudge. People had all sorts of reasons for wanting to help – for some it was because they or their loved ones had their own experience with cancer. This overwhelming response inspired us to stand up and resolve to make something good and positive from the situation.


As we talked to the people coming forward,  we decided to take our unique product, Droitwich Salt Fudge, and use it to create a project in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support  – a project that would provide financial support for our family, an on-going donation for Macmillan and perhaps most importantly of all, by telling our story and the stories of others involved, provide inspiration to those diagnosed with cancer.

​So, on Saturday 17th June 2017, as originally planned before Helga’s diagnosis and thanks to our wonderful volunteers, Droitwich Salt Fudge was officially launched for sale at the Droitwich Food Festival. At the same time, it went on general sale at a range of specially selected retail outlets who had supported us in establishing our project in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

We continue to make regular donations to Macmillan Cancer Support, sustainably growing the amount raised through sales of our Droitwich Salt Fudge. By April 2019, the figure had reached over £1500.

That is our way of saying thank you to all those who helped us stand up, and to show others that a diagnosis of cancer doesn’t mean the end.​

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