Natural brine springs have existed beneath Droitwich for millions of years. In Roman times, the salt deposits were mined and the town became known as “Salinae”, a name indicative of salt.

Through Anglo Saxon and Norman times the town’s salt continued to be an internationally valuable resource, and in 1215 King John granted the town a Royal Charter.

Droitwich Spa, as it became known, was subsequently one of the most prosperous towns in Medieval Times, right through to the industrial age.

In the 19th Century, John Corbett (The “Salt King”), built the largest saltworks in Europe, and Droitwich Salt was officially recognised internationally by being awarded “Premier Class No 41” designation.

Salt production in Droitwich ceased in the last century, but thanks to the efforts of local enthusiasts, councils and businesses it has now returned.

The old Brine Pump in the centre of the town has been restored and is now once again drawing natural brine from the rocks beneath the town. The brine is then taken out to Churchfields Saltworks, where it is gently heated using renewable energy.

As the brine water evaporates, the pure Droitwich Salt crystals are left. This is the wonderful, natural ingredient that we use to make our unique and original DROITWICH SALT FUDGE.

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